I'm back taking photos!
I'm still trying to recover from my surgery. It's slow going and I'm still in a good bit of pain at times, but I'm working through it. I'm obviously still working on this website after a database disaster that couldn't be recovered from. It's going to take a little more time to get everything running again.
I also have a second life that is taking a small bit of my time, about a week each in November, January, Feburary and March. I'm a Nationally Certified Referee in Billiards. Cue Sports International is flying me to Puerto Rico in November for 8 days. I have already been to Michigan, Ohio and Texas tournaments. I've been asked to referee the televised matches. The demand on my time from this will decrease after March where I'll be in Las Vegas at the Predator World and National Championships.
Until I get this website functional again, which looks to be very soon, please text me with any photography needs. I'm working every chance I get with the very special weather in our area.